Accidental recording of Drake reading his shopping list aloud reaches #1

A seemingly accidental recording from Canadian rapper Drake of him reading his shopping list aloud has topped the Billboard chart, once again proving the rapper can do no wrong and could probably release anything from an airborne virus to a Guantanamo Bay inmate and it’d still be a hit.

The recording, supposedly captured when Drake accidentally sat on his unlocked phone while climbing into his car, is only 8 seconds long, but has already received a flood of fan theories who are speculating on the less than conventional lyrics.

‘Caster sugar, two carrots, toilet roll for the bathroom and that little spring thing that stops the door from damaging the wall when it shuts, if they have it’.

A website dedicated to Drizzy, who has already had six number ones on the Billboard Hot 100, suggested the lyrics were a criticism of the pervasive materialism of the younger generations, as well as the importance of making sure your walls are protected from forceful door openings.

The Canadian-born phenomenon now has another certified banger to add to his impressive repertoire, which already includes ‘What’s My Name’, sung with Rihanna, and ‘Nice For What’, from his latest album, ‘Scorpion’.

This is not the first time a high-profile artist has released media by accident, only for it to become successful. In 2015, Dwayne Johnson accidentally recorded the inside of his pocket for 5 hours and uploaded it to Facebook. By the time he removed the footage, it had already had a cinema-release and been nominated for an MTV Teen Choice Award.

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